There is more to life than the C19! Being grateful for life. What a wonderful feeling!

Posted: May 21, 2020 in Uncategorized

There is way too much more in life than Covid19.

What a wonderful feeling this is: being grateful for life.

Grateful things in my my life:

My wife. Who is the hardest working woman that I know. What she does for her family and me can’t always be talked about with words. Just witnessing with my own 2 eyes as to what she does for people is heartbreaking. She does for others where others are not expecting something, I’ve seen her randomly give my girls and grandchildren something just to do it. She never expects anything in return. The kindness in her heart is just what she gives, She would do anything for anybody and the fanfare is not something that she publicly needs to announce to the world. I love her.


My 3 girls. Who when they were little would depend on me to get them to school and pick them up. Very seldom did they take a bus to school. It was just my thing to do that for them. My life job was always flexible enough that I could do that. If it wasn’t me then it was there grandfather, Ted. Who passed away a few years ago, I miss him. Now I see my  daughters married to their husbands and they all have 2 children and I see them all grown up and juggling work, daycare, being responsible Moms to their children and husbands and enjoying life through it all. I love them.


My 6 grandchidren, soon to be 7. Just the fact that we are so blessed to have them in our life is wonderful. There was a time when we didn’t see our oldest and only grandson because they lived 2 1/2 hours away, but now they are live in Northwest Indiana and close to us. When our first granddaughter was born I said I would watch her 3 days a week which has kept me young. Yes, I was changing diapers again at the young age of 56. As my girls starting having more children I kept saying that I would watch them. Making a long story short I’m watching 4 grandchildren 4-days a week. They all are able to call me Grandpa now. It doesn’t always actually sound like Grandpa, but I know that they are trying. All of them come running to me when I see them to call me Grandpa and give me a hug. That’s wonderful. I love them.


My Mom and Dad. Yes, my Mom is 88 and my Dad is 87. For the most part still healthy and living at home. AS few years ago my Mom broke her hip when she fell down and she was dependent on me. I flew to Florida in heartbeat to be there for her. My Dad even though my Mom says he can’t cook for himself quickly learned that I wasn’t there to cook for him but to be at the hospital for my Mom and see that she was transferred to a rehab center safely and that she had everything she needed, My Mom can be a PITA sometimes but I do love her and all of her shenanigans. Recently I spoke to her on the phone and she said some lady in her retirement park said my Mom was a negative person. My Mom said, “I don’t like her anyways.” I just laughed because at 88 years old there was nothing I could of said that was going to changer her mind. That’s just Mom. Dad was a man who worked for the same utility company his entire life. Yes, he only had 1 job his entire working career. That’s unheard of these days. He worked hard and played hard. When he retired at 55, they shortly thereafter moved to Florida to be near my grandfather and step-grandmother, who have both since passed. My Dad walked daily, played tennis and golf and was one of those coffee club guys. Now those days are gone. He has very few words to say on the phone but still seems happy when I do talk to him. I love them.


My job(s). I wouldn’t really say that I’m grateful for my job(s) because I really don’t have a job that I to report to every. I’m grateful for my flexibility. I own a business that doesn’t require me to be constantly marketing for. I’m just there when people need something. I’m in the decorated apparel business. I also do baseball and softball umpiring for high school, youth and adult men. It’s a trying career because I try to umpiring gigs all over Northwest Indiana. This past winter I even did some umpiring in some indoor domes. My last gig was 3 games one night with the first game starting at 9pm at night. I always do behind the dish (home plate), so that night was a triple-header with a hit the pillow at 1:30am. So I consider myself #halfretired I live a charmed life.


My friends/acquaintances. I wouldn’t say I really have any close friends. Not that guy that I hang out with and drink a few beers every week. Some people say I know everyone, when in reality, I know everyone that knows everyone. Think about that for a second. I see so many people doing an ISO on facebook and I used to respond to those but then at 8pm at night they are still researching who to use. I’m not saying who I suggested might of been the best or the worst, but if they would of called them there ISO would of been done. My best is the appliance fixer. I know a guy who owns a company that if you need an appliance fixed and you call his company before 10am, he comes the same day. He never fails me on that. I also work elections. I’ve been an Inspector for both the primary and general elections now for a few years. I have never done it for the pay, I do it to see people. Those people you see twice and year but yet when you talk to them it’s like we are long lost friends. I’ve always been a people person. Not afraid to talk to anyone about anything. It’s just the nature of my beast.


My hobbies. Some people think I should get a hobby. Actually, I have plenty of hobbies. I’m a cross-stitcher, a painter, a fisherman (although I have yet to catch any fish), I do my own landscaping, this year we planted a garden (out first time with this one), I write a blog that I started in 2011 after I lost 135# and flew to NY to be live on The NBC Today Show. I told my weight loss story worldwide and had my 5-minutes of fame on National TV.


My cancer. Yes, I was diagnosed with skin cancer in February 2020. I had a nickel size spot on my left shoulder that never healed. I had successful basal cell melanoma surgery on April 8, 2020. It has completely healed and my shoulder is back to normal. My sun days will be a little different now. My sun goddess days are over. Life is more important than having a sun colored body! For the people who want to get that vitamin D by being in the sun, just wear a hat, use lots and lots of sunscreen and never, ever go to a tanning bed. I encourage you to not sit around in the sun just to get some Vitamin D!


Very rarely do I watch the news on tv. It’s depressing for 20-minutes and then I go to bed. Everything is Breaking News. It’s easy to get caught up in that. But, it’s better for me to turn off the tv and cross-stitch or paint than to watch the news. Most of my news story I see are on social media.


Just like I said in the title of this blog… Being grateful for life. What a wonderful feeling!


Talk / Text / Email me… Anytime.

#NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit #NoExcuses

Rick Gosser

talk or text  219-808-9888


web:  Rick Gosser


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