How To Thrive in 2021 & Beyond!

Posted: February 8, 2021 in Uncategorized

Everyone has an opinion about everything if you just ask people. The key to a successful ’21 is to not ask. It’s not that I don’t care about people but asking them can sometimes lead to a very long one-sided conversation about them and everything going on in their life that I’ll call… The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

It’s easy to fall into that feel sorry for me trap. Focus on the good things in life. Never compare yourself to other people, just do what you think is your best!  Focus on the good things that you can control! 

We are the ones that get in our way the most, aren’t we? By Getting Out Of Your Own Way!

There are always plenty of reasons why reaching our goals may seem difficult or impossible. There are sometimes things out of our control seemingly holding us back. Let’s focus on the one thing we can control… OURSELVES!

5 ideas to Get Out of Your Own Way and THRIVE IN 2021 & Beyond!

1️⃣ Know the Deeper Meaning “Why” You Want to Reach Your Goal

Wanting to get in better shape to look good in a bikini or swim suit is not a deep enough ‘why’. Wanting to look good period, in my opinion, is not a deep enough why to keep you taking action everyday. It’s got to be deeper than that. It’s got to be about how you want to live your life, the example you want to set, and for the health of it.

2️⃣ Give Yourself Some Grace

Probably the most common reason I see so many people quit (or never start) is because they are incredibly hard on themselves.

A long term lifestyle of fitness is not about perfection. It is about making healthy habits a part of your daily life, but it doesn’t mean you are 100% all of the time.

3️⃣ Stop Procrastinating Getting Started

You are waiting for Monday, for the New Year, until life settles down, until the challenge starts.

Start now. 

What is one thing you can do right now to launch yourself into healthy habits?

4️⃣ Believe You Can

You compare. You feel like you’ve blown it. You’ve quit so many times before at different things, you are afraid you will quit again. Is it lack of belief in yourself holding you back from getting started?

This one is personal. It’s an inside job, right?

5️⃣ Get on a Plan with Accountability

You know what to do. You know how to do it. You just haven’t, right?

You need a plan. Maybe you need a coach. You need some accountability to help you develop this healthy lifestyle that will last forever.

I’m not an expert in anything, BUT MYSELF!

Contact me anytime and let’s talk either in person or virtually! 

Rick Gosser

text or talk 219-808-9888




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