YOU Gotta Be Having FUN Doing Your Jobs! Otherwise, Why Would You Continue To Do Them? Stop Doing Last Minute Jobs/Orders. CHANGE begins in the MIRROR!

Posted: August 4, 2021 in Uncategorized
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I know I know…. I have to work my job to make money. But, if you aren’t have fun, why continue?

I don’t and never will do everything perfect. I’m not an expert in anything. I’m a guru of nothing.

I do know how to have FUN in life, work hard and do things for other people that they never expect.

The element of surprise to see people SMILE is what brings JOY to my heart!

When I’m on a softball or baseball diamond, I tell people all the time… Coaches need to have FUN, players need to have FUN, parents need to have FUN and YES, Us umpires need to have FUN. If any one of those aren’t having FUN… it’s time to find a new thing to do.

One of my fun jobs is to umpire softball and baseball and this fall I’m giving it the old college try and will begin to officiate volleyball 🏐! I get asked to accept assignments 6-9 months out on my calendar. I spend lots of time managing these gigs along with other work and life happening things. Doing things last minute, like taking a phone call from someone mid-afternoon asking if I can umpire a 6:00pm game… just isn’t going to happen. Many people have told me that I’m a very good umpire and I train hard to keep up this statue. Including clinics, on-line zoom calls, in-person discussions with umpires about “what if” scenarios and critiquing our games.

How far out do you plan your work? Are you taking jobs/orders last minute? This is where mistakes are made! This is all on you if you continue to accept last minute requests. Stick to your guns and plan ahead!

CHANGE begins in the mirror! There is no book out there that can teach you to make changes. It has to begin within! 

On July 31 2021 it felt like I was beginning to gain weight. The last time I stepped on a scale was June 1, 2021. You have to know me really well and that in 2010 when I lost 135# I used to weight myself daily. On July 31 2021, I weighed myself and had actually lost 3.2# from my last weigh-in. Still knowing that CHANGE begins in the mirror I made a conscious decision that it was CHANGE time. I decided to exercise daily. Do something that includes moving differently for at least 30-minutes a day. It could be weight lifting at my local YMCA, taking a walk around the block, riding my bicycle, swimming more consistently. I have to say I’ve successfully done some kind of exercise for 4 days.

I haven’t clipped into my road bicycle, but that day is coming. I go back to the days when I rode my bike daily, to a few days a week, to a few days a month, to now never riding. Life gets busy but it’s just an excuse to me. I will clean my bike of the cobwebs and begin riding again very soon!

I’m hoping to continue on with my daily exercising. No more excuse not to. I’m still young!



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