Never Give Up! NeverQuit!

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I decided to exercise every day during the month of January. Moving and grooving was my intention. The outcome was that I accomplished that goal and gained .04#. My main focus was more on exercising and not eating right. I got away with only a small gain.

Sometimes in life it seems easier to just quit. However I’m not a quitter, I’m a new goal person. I set goals that are achievable, but that it takes work to get them.

February is going to be a exercise daily and eat right month! I knew I was going on vacation to an all-inclusive resort, so I decided I would start after I returned. After spending 5-days at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta where is was 80°+ everyday with 101.9 THE MIX Chicago Radio Station with Eric In The Morning with Melissa & Whip and staff eating and drinking just about everything I could and feeling like I gained 10-15#’s. Only putting on 2.4#’s is HAPPINESS! Must of been all that walking we did at the airports and resort. Time to get back on track now.

I weighed myself on Thursday 2/13/20 and the scale said “It is what it is”. Today, Sunday 2/16/20 the scale weight said down – 4.2#. I’ve done that by tracking everything I eat and drink (something I didn’t do in Mexico). I clearly took advantage of the all-inclusive, but those little pink frosted cookies were so good 🙂

Getting fit is hard… if it was easy everyone would do it. #NeverQuit #NeverGiveUp

The other thing I’m trying to do is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water. The weight loss guru’s say that’s the thing to do. Keeps now full and prevents useless eating of food.

At 60 years young, I’ll always have a the mindset of an obese person. In 2010, I weighed 310# and lost 135# in 4-months. That was hard and I got too skinny. Weighing 175# was and is not my ideal doctor’s chart weight. At 6’2″ it’s 200#.

When I get down on myself, I look at my 310# picture and say that one time I lost 135#, so losing 32# is easy breezy. IT’S GO TIME YA’LL……….

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Wired Not To Fail…

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Have you ever felt like you failed at something?

Everyone fails at something in life, right?

“Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so big and so strong that obstacles, failure, disappointment, and loss only acts as motivation to drive you across there finish line.”

In 2012, when I was watching the Chicago Marathon on the TV (the off-channel) where they showed people passing out, falling down and throwing up as they crossed the finish line. After watching that for hours, I told my wife “I want to do that.”

My life motto really changed in 2010, when I lost 135#’s and kept doing things that I was never able to do when I weighted 310#.

Back to my Marathon idea. I told someone in early 2013 that I wanted to run a marathon, and she said “You can’t do that!” Those words is exactly what inspired me to run there 2013 Chicago Marathon. In June 3013, I followed the Hal Higden 18-week training program, How To Train For & Run A Marathon In 18 Weeks. Make a long story short, I did the training religiously and finished the 2013 Chicago Marathon with 3 goals in mind.

  1. Stay on 2 feet for 26.2 miles.
  2. Do Not throw up
  3. Finish the race.

All 3 goals accomplished!~

Next time someone tells you… “You can’t do that!”                                                             Figure out YOUR way to do it for YOU!

SO……………….  BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

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Same 24 hours in a day…

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I always used to find myself thinking and saying  “I don’t have time for…” when in reality I see people doing things that I want to do and they are doing them. I started running when I was in my 135# weight loss transformation in 2010. I ran my first 5K in 2011 and to make a long story short after many 5k’s, 10k’s and 1/2 marathons I made the decision to run the 2013 Chicago Marathon in 2012. Now comes June 2013, the 18 week marathon training program begins. I followed it religiously, and on October 13, 203 I completed the marathon. My goal was to stay on 2 feet, to not throw up and to finish. I accomplished all 3 of those goals.

7 years later now I an avid bike rider and I plan out all of my 100 mile bike rides for the year in January of every year. YES, I bike 100 miles all in 1 day!

My goal for my #2020solutions is to workout out everyday. #MovingDailyToGetAndStayFit. I have completed Day 25 with no plan to stop.

Now my mindset is we all have the #same24hoursinaday so I go and do things at 4:45am, 6:45am, 4;45pm or even 7:45pm. I lift weights, swim, walk at my local YMCA. I bike outside, walk and hike outside. I plan and write down in my schedule when I’m on the move.

SO……………….  BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit


Rick Gosser

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Life begins outside of your comfort zone!

Comfort zone is defined differently by every living human being on this planet.

Here are a few of them:

  • a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.
  • a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and perceive they are in control of their environment, experiencing low levrelds of anxiety and stress.
  • in this zone a steady level of performance is possible

When I was younger I rarely stepped out of my comfort zone. When I turned 50 (in 2010) and weighed 310#, I stepped out of my comfort zone and shared my story on social media that I wanted to lose weight. My goal was to lose 100#. I actually lost 135# in 2010 and for the most part have kept it off. I appeared LIVE on The NBC Today Show in New York City on 11.26.10. As an obese person for so many, many years it’s always a struggle to eat right and stay fit. However, the scale is my motivator. I step on it briefly every day and that right there tells me what I gotta do. JUMPING out of my comfort zone and sharing what I do is hopefully an inspiration to others as well as myself. I’m committed to never go back to 310#.


  • I publicly lost 135# in 2010.
  • I got braces at the age of 50.
  • Was LIVE on The NBC Today Show. Told my story to THE WORLD.
  • Ran 10 1/2 Marathons.
  • Ran the 2013 Chicago Marathon.
  • Had my varicose veins in my legs removed in 2013.
  • Skydiveout of perfectly good airplanes at 18,000′
  • Did 8 Hustle Up the Hancock stair climbs.
  • Scuba dive certified in 2016
  • I workout in public.
  • I bicycle 100-miles for the fun of it all in 1-day.
  • I’m a licensed softball and baseball umpire.


What is holding you back from JUMPING out of your comfort zone?

Need help?  Call, text or email me anytime.


BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

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DO POSITIVE instead of saying Be Positive. Just stop complaining and DO SOMETHING!

It gets tiring listening to people complain. It’s 2020, time to CHANGE YA’LL! Criticizing people and complaining needs to stop. I’m just as guilty as you all but life is too short and we shouldn’t spend our time complaining and criticizing people. It’s gonna be a life changing task. Let’s GO ALL IN!

Doing something to combat the complaining will only teach younger children that it’s better to do something about it rather than complain about it. Complainers are the problem. They are the ones that will just complain to be just complaining. I recently saw someone take pictures of broken glass on a bike trail in a tunnel and post them on Facebook and then proceeded to give the incorrect email address of the wrong park department where the tunnel is located! They expected them to clean it up! My post comment was: “No worries people. I will go clean it up today! 🧹🗑 Shit happens. Stop complaining and do something about it.” Some people suggested catching the person and have them clean up the glass with their tongue. That’s dumb! Others: 😡 😮 

Time is money. Making a rude comment takes time. By the time you do all of that you could of went and did something positive to remedy the situation. 

I went and cleaned up all of the glass… It took me 1-hour!

DO POSITIVE, instead of saying Be Positive.

Do something to pay it forward in your community today and everyday.

BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

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2019 to 2020… Time to think and do things differently. MAKE CHANGES. Change is for everyone! Stop talking about the changes you want to make and take action to accomplish them instead.

So many people want change, but they are afraid to begin make those changes. They fear the outcome. Stop complaining about stuff you can’t change. Worrying about something that may never happen is not healthy. The majority of those things never ever happen. Live life to the fullest and just appreciate all that you have. 

Do this stuff instead. 

HAVE FUN.  Everything we do in life should be fun. Work should be fun in a different way than pleasure things. If you aren’t having fun at work, it’s time to make a change to a new job, company or career. Doing fun things in life like adventures should be done everyday. Time to turn off the tv and get off the couch. 

BE KIND.  Start doing this instead of just saying it to everyone you know. Celebrities always say: BE KIND. Take action and really show people how to be kind to each other. Look around as we all can do things everyday to be kind. It’s the small things in life that make big changes for people.

LAUGH MORE.  Many people need to do this more. Laughing is good for the heart and soul. Watching stand -up comedy is a great release of laughter. Go see IMPROV. 

LOVE.  This is hard for many. We all love many people, but saying you love them directly to them is sometimes hard. Change that in 2020 as life is too short. Love everyone and tell them that you love them. 

SMILE.  Some facts is that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown. So let’s all smile more. 

BE HAPPY.  Happiness begins in the mirror. Be happy with yourself first. Being happy with you first leads to making other people happy. It rubs off. 

EXERCISE.  Just saying that word is hard for some people. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s not easy. It takes a commitment, dedication and the fact of doing it. 

TAKE VACATIONS.  Some people never go on a vacation. They say they don’t have money for that. We all work hard and deserve vacations. If you don’t plan them and book them somewhere, at the end of the year you will have never gone anywhere. Many vacations don’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s the point of taking time off from work. 

BE YOU.  So many people want to be like someone else. Never, ever compare yourself to anyone else. JUST BE YOU. People will appreciate you more if you were honest with them directly. Some people say: Wow, you are pretty direct when talking to people. That’s the way I am. I say it like it is. Why be a fake. The TRUTH is the truth. 

PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN.  So many people are addicted to their phones. Scrolling for nothing is consuming everyone. It’s seriously out of control. The World Population is 7,740,979,987. The World Mobile Connections is 9,327,053,848. Drop your phone and talk to a family member.

LIFE IS LIFE.  You don’t have to do big things in life to be great. Doing small things in your own great way is great enough. You are enough!






BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit


Rick Gosser

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When I started watching my grandchildren and spend lots of time with them, I take them with me everywhere. Sometimes I’m toting 3 of them with me. Some where walking, some where crawling and some were in a baby carrier. My point is nothing is going to stop me from doing what has to be done in a normal day. We would talk to people and be kind to them in all facets of a day. They learned to smile as soon as they were born because if you know me at all, “I’m the selfie KING.”  LOL

Hanging with me you learn how to smile at an early age and we talk to everyone!

Some of my grandchildren are what I call “social lights”, just like me and that is perfectly fine. Being kind and talking to all people is OK. It’s healthy, fun and makes us all learn about people.

One of my granddaughters is especially social as she waves, smiles and is always saying Hi and Goodbye to everyone. She has learned to not be afraid of anyone or anything. She was jumping into a swimming pool when she was a little over 1 when I was in the pool and sometimes she just stepped in thinking that someone would be there to pull her out of the water. We always got to her, but she did go underwater many times.

Teach young children how to be kind & social… BE ALL IN! Have “NO FEAR”

BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

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