Do you take surveys? It only takes a few minutes. What do they do with the results?

Posted: March 2, 2020 in Uncategorized

I recently went to the US Postal Service to mail some packages and buy some stamps and the lady who waited on me said “Please take our survey here” and let us know how we are doing! These survey opportunities are on just about every receipt we get and I never take the time to complete them.

I thought hey it’s a new month, March 2020, why not do something different! I went to the website at the bottom of the receipt and took the survey which took about 2 minutes. As I was taking my time to complete the survey, I thought what is the US Postal Service going to do with my results. Give the employee a raise or give better service so how?

What do companies actually do with the survey results? How do they take the answers I gave and make the experience better for the next person?

There are more people out there giving bad answers or would rather complain or be negative first before being positive. Sometimes I read reviews about a place I may want to visit and look for the positive ones first. People have a tendency to complain about small silly stuff. Be honest in your survey answers and tell more good things than bad things. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Life is good, enjoy the good things in life.

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