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Yesterday, 4.13.14 I climbed 812 stairs, 52 floors of the John Hancock Observatory Building in downtown Chicago. It was my 4th time doing the Hustle Up the Hancock. My plan every year is to take the challenge 2-steps at a time all the way to the top. My 2nd and 3rd years I bombed out around the 85th floor and this year I was more than ever determined to complete this task. I trained this year doing more steps than ever in the past years, so I knew I was ready. Being heavier than last didn’t help. In the end, I was able to complete without ever stopping. 812 stairs… 2-steps at a time… 1:17 seconds slower than in 2013. That’s the way it goes. One challenge over another. I’m happy that I was able to complete my 2-steps at a time, but not happy that I was heavier than 2013. I’m such a dumb ass sometimes.

This morning I found out how much heavier. Here’s what I heard this morning 4.14.14. My Dr. tells jokes during my annual exam and in the end gives me a clean bill of health. She said, “your resting heart beat is 38 (what are you runner?) and great BP. You don’t need to take pills. The good news is “you’re not obese”, just overweight and that’s no joke. 12#’s heavier than last year, so what the hell are you doing? A #1 gain every month and you’ll be in a coffin soon.” My Dr. tells it like it. She’s woken the sleeping lion. Time for 6-meals a day and less consumption. Here we go! What a dumb ass I am.

So, the plan is to get out the book… “Your Inner Skinny”. The program that made me lose 135# in 2010 in 10 months. It worked then, it will work again. The nice thing is it’s a plan and not one of those diets where you have to eat 1,500-2,000 calories to lose weight. Who’s got the time to write everything down and keep track of it. It a lifestyle change with food.

This yo-yo shit has to stop. Told my Dr. before I left that next year when I see her, I’ll be down 20#. She said I’m holding you to that saying. I’m checking back you in 6 months.

Here’s to starting RIGHT NOW!

Rick Gosser

On a quaint day in October of 2012 as I watching people cross the Chicago Marathon finish line, that was the day I decided “I’m running a marathon.” They were passing out, they were vomiting, they were exhausted… and I said “I’m going to run the 2013 Chicago Marathon.” I’ve only been running since 2010 and at that point had run many 5K’s, a few 10K’s and 3-1/2 Marathons. I started running on 1.1.10 when I weighed 310#, so running was not really running. I was tested for sleep apnea in 12/09 and when the 400#+ woman behind the counter of the sleep apnea place told me I didn’t have sleep apnea but that I should probably lose weight that’s exactly what I was going to do. In 2010, I lost 135# with no pills, no potions and no surgeries.

I started training on 6.11.13 for the 2013 Chicago Marathon. I decided to follow the Hal Higdon Training Program for a Novice.


As I looked at the number of miles I had to run during the training, I thought “What have I decided to do, a 20-mile run in week 15. I can’t do this. Well, during the 18 week training program, I did do it. Matter of fact I ran 435 miles leading up to the BIG DANCE day on 10.13.13. I ran in the cold, heat, rain, thunderstorms, lightning storms, wind, sunny days, cloudy days. I ran on trails, blacktop, concrete, golf courses in Napa, California, through the streets of Boston, Massachusetts and all around my home city of Crown Point, Indiana.

Leading up to the BIG DANCE, it was nerve racking. The week before the marathon I couldn’t sleep at night and then my friend Debbie Shaffer told me about melatonin. 1 pill at night and restful sleep for the next few days. On marathon morning awoke at 2:15 A.M. to get to Valpo, IN to catch a charter bus taking us to Chicago. It was cold that morning around 40 degrees of so. Slept on the bus a little and then walked to the OE tent with Debbie and Lorie Arnold. We were in our starting corrals at 7:15 a.m. We crossed the start line at 8:30 a.m., and then it was off to run 26.2 miles. I was doing exactly what Hal Higdon said run 2:00 minutes/walk 1:00 minute. At times I ran with my friend Angie Sohacki and her pace group and before you know it the 5-mile Cal Strider water stop was upon me. As I continued it was remarkably easy and 13 miles was in my eyes. Continuing on I realized that the Marathon winners were long done and in some hot tub somewhere. Heard after, that the winner set a new course record and ran 26.2 in 2:03, that’s crazy.

My knees felt great, but my toes felt like my shoes were too small, but I struggled through. At mile 20, I wanted to stop as I saw the bus to take me away because I couldn’t finish. As I was walking toward that bus, I thought of my 3 daughters and wife and said they would be really mad at me if I quit. I thought I’m not a quitter, so I turned around and started running again. I hooked up with a group of 4 people from OE that were run/walking 1:00/1:00, so that worked for me all the way to the end. Jose Lopez and I were playing the passing game. At one time, Jose passed me carrying his shoes and running in his socks. I thought about doing that because my toes were exploding out of my shoes. I sucked it up and dealt with the pain. At mile 24 the pace car passed me. (17-minute a mile pace car). I thought, NO, No, NO… I ‘m letting that car beat me so I sucked it up even more and ran the last 2.2 as hard as I could to beat that car. I finished my 1st Marathon ever in 6:54. Six hours and 54 minutes. Wow! What an accomplishment. I did it and I got my medal just like the winner did who crossed the finish line in 2:03. We are both “MARATHONERS”, and that is something that only 1-2% of the worlds population can say.