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I met Tim, my client and friend in July 2007 and have always known Tim to be extremely overweight and one of the nicest guys you would ever meet despite his weight. For years Tim always joked that he had 2 weeks to live. I kept telling him to not say that. It wasn’t until I lost over 100# that Tim got inspired. Tim called me in November 2010, and said that he wanted to order new embroidered shirts, but he needed to go up a size. Tim wore a 6XL shirt and he wanted a 7XL. I told him I would not make him 7XL shirts, but I did have a book for him to read. Not knowing how he would take it, I took him the book I was following “Your Inner Skinny” and told him that I had lost 105# mainly using the plan in the book. I told him it’s not a d-i-e-t, but a lifestyle change. After a lengthy discussion with Tim about how he can do it, he said he would read the book. After all, I did it at 50 yrs old, he could do it at 30 yrs old. A week later Tim called and said “I hate you” because everything in the book is right. He said he was reading the book and eating 2 Big Macs at the same time. I asked him to promise me that those would be the last 2 Big Macs that he ever ate, he said ok. Tim’s journey started that day.

Tim’s highest weight in his life was 585# many years ago. He works an overnight shift and sleeps during the day and then eats lots before he goes to work at night. He basically would gorge with fast food and lots of soda pop before he would go to work at night. He drives his vehicle at night and eats in his car as he works, so fast food was his main menu along with the soda pop, because the fast food places make it cheaper and easier to “super size it”.

Tim has decided to not eat fast food and drink soda pop anymore. He has gone 38 days without fast food and soda pop. I recently visited him and he proudly showed me his food pantry and refrigerator. His pantry was filled with healthy food and his refrigerator has skim milk, yogurt, vegetables. Tim now eats throughout the day with small meals and is no longer gorging food at night. Tim no longer eats fast food or drinks soda pop.

About a month ago, Tim bought a new pair of walking shoes, because he wanted to start walking. He asked me “Where does a person my size go walk in the winter?” I told him he could go walk at the mall, but that would mean that he would be seen in public and he thinks people would stare at him. The average person takes walking for granite. Think what walking would be like, if you weighed over 500#. I am very proud of Tim, as he has committed to changing his lifestyle to live longer and be healthy.

On March 8, 2011, Tim called me and told me that he finally decided to go and get weighed and that he wanted me to be the first person that he called to give me “his good news”. Now, the average person has a scale at home. When you think you weigh over 500#, your home scale will not work for that. Tim went to a local hospital and got weighed. “His good news” was that he finally weighed under 500#. He was so excited, that he wanted to tell everybody. I am proud that he wanted to tell me first. Tim now weighs 480#. This is the first time in 10 years that he has weighed under 500#. He says that he has a very long way to go, and he does. But, just the fact that he has changed his lifestyle in many ways is why I am so proud of him. I told Tim thanks for calling me first, now call your Mom and Dad, they will be proud of you.

Tim has started to walk everyday. His walking is so much different from the average person. We walk to get places and do so with little effort. Tim’s walking around down his block and back is work for him.

Tim says he feels so much better and wants to continue with his weight loss and walking every day. Here is guy that weighs 480# and he wants to eat right and walk everyday. That is a commitment. Eating right and walking is the way he wants to live everyday.

Tim really got inspired after he saw my appearance on the NBC Today Show back in November 2010 when I was inducted into the Joy Bauer Fit Club. SeeVideo

People ask me everyday “How did you lose the weight?”. It’s no secret, everyone overweight knows that to lose weight you have diet and exercise. In my case, it was a mindset, I was FAT (310#) and I had tried all of the d-i-e-t-s out there and none of them worked for me permanently. I would lose 20#, and then put it back on again. Today, I do not say the word, because the first three letters of the word, define what could happen to obese people, die. That is why I started my lifestyle change.

It’s all about measuring things these days. I measure what I eat and I measure how much exercise to do for the day.

People ask me “What do eat on a typical day?”
Breakfast, 1 cup of low fiber cereal, 1 cup of skim milk, 1 banana
Lunch: 1 cup of soup, 4 oz. of turkey, 1 cup of applesauce
Dinner: 1 small steak, broccoli
Snack: 1 low fat ice cream bar

Next thing they ask “Aren’t you hungry?” Yes, I am but some times you have to sacrifice things in life. My hunger is satisfied by water and black coffee.

If you measure it, you can manage it.

I can now walk/run 2-3 miles a day and that is how I measure success. I am training for the 1/2 climb of “Hustle Up the Hancock” (812 stairs) and having been running the stairs of an 8-story building for training. Just about the time I think I’m in shape, I go do the stairs and that measures my quality of success with regards to being in shape. I still have a long ways to go, but at least I can say that I’m 120# lighter because I have decided to make “CHANGE” in my life.

The book I follow is “Your Inner Skinny” and the plan. My next goal is to get to 185#. So 5# off, is the next goal. Back to exercising and the book for now.

Remember, “I Did It, You Can Too!”

Good luck and let me know if I can help inspire you in anyway.

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This is this year to change your life and take charge of your health. NBC news recently reported that nearly 70% of adults in this country are overweight. One in three is obese. About half that many kids and teens are considered obese.

Let’s all try to reduce that percentage.

How to start:
1. Mentally change your mind that you want to lose weight and get in shape.
2. Start walking today. One time around the block, turns into more and more.
3. Start eating less when it comes to consumption.
4. Join a group that motivates you to change your eating plan.
5. Ask someone else to be a mentor for each other.
6. Join a walking group or running group.
7. Plan your exercise.
8. If you change your mind and do the above, it’s amazing the results you will begin to see.

My motto: If YOU are not moving, YOU are not losing… If YOU say YOU can’t, YOU won’t… I know believe ME!

My point is if YOU say YOU can’t, YOU won’t, and that has to do with everything in life. Do some kind of exercise everyday and keep moving. If YOU are moving, YOU are losing something. At the end of the day, YOU will feel better that YOU accomplished something today, that YOU didn’t do yesterday. The thing about it is, YOU have to do it everyday.

If “I can do it, anybody can do it”.

Never say “NO” to anything YOU want to accomplish in life. Just go for it!

Watch my video from my appearance on the NBC Today Show back in November 2010 when I was inducted into the Joy Bauer Fit Club for losing over 100#. SeeVideo

Rick Gosser