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I played sandlot baseball quite a bit when I was kid. Kids played sandlot baseball to do something when not in school. We walked around our neighborhoods carrying a baseball, a mitt and a baseball bat knocking on doors. Can Timmy come out and play baseball? As we gathered up more kids to play walking around knocking on doors, the goal was to get 13 players so that 4 could bat and there were 9 fielders at all times. If we had less than 13, then right field was out! If the batter, hit the ball to right field it was an automatic out. Knowing that it turned us all into pull hitters. If you did hit it to right field, your were out. You would grab your mitt and go play a position so that another kid could go hit. That position player became a batter and then the game would continue. You kept batting until you made an out. Life should be that way! Keep going until you get an out in your own mind!

Everyone had a favorite position in sandlot baseball. Mine was first base and catcher. I was a pudgy boy so being a catcher was a good place for me, very little running. All the fatter kids caught! lol  First base was just as good, very little moving. All I had to do was catch the ball from the stud infielders. Cell phones weren’t a thing in the 1970’s when I was a kid. My parents had a rotary phone hanging on the wall with a 50′ cord so that we could take our private conversations into different rooms and talk.

We didn’t carry around cell phones in our back pockets because they didn’t exist in 1970’s so we didn’t have to worry about falling down or sliding wrong and smashing our phones. We just had to deal with a beat up body from falling and bruised butt cheeks from sliding incorrectly. When we hit the ball and ran we might have to slide so cell phones wouldn’t of worked in our back pocket anyways. None of the kids wanted to make an out! They just wanted to keep batting so they did just about did anything to never make an out. Bunt, hit it hard and hope the line drive made it to the outfield where an outfielder couldn’t catch it. Hits in-between the outfielders were the best because the possibility of stretching that single into a double was always on the mind as soon as you knew the baseball got past the infielder. 

It was a time in my life where adults weren’t involved with sandlot baseball, kids made the rules. If one of the kids didn’t do something right like touch 2nd base on a home run, we would stop the game and ask,. “Hey, did you touch 2nd base on that home run?” Most of the time the player knew if he touched 2nd base or not and nobody called him out, made fun of him, gave him a hard time or said anything negative to him. The runners would return to where they started before that batter hit the baseball and the player who hit the home run but forgot to touch 2nd base would return to home plate for a batting re-do. Now they have instant replay in baseball. Back in the 1970’s it was honesty. The player would get questioned by someone in the field and that was the 70’s replay. There never was a wrong or right answer. If the batter honestly admitted he missed 2nd base then it was a re-do. If the batter said, yep I touched every base then that answer was acceptable and the game went on. It truly would be nice if life was that way today. Accept the answer that someone says and move on. Re-set your mind, body and soul and start all over again. Dwelling on something that someone says and not letting it go can only be stressful and not healthy for the person. Kids just move onto to something else and they don’t look back or hold grudges. Let’s all start living our lives like kids with a kids make the rules attitude in life.

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