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2021 brings umpiring baseball and softball games which is exciting for all the players, coaches, parents, grandparents, friends, families, fans and YES, even the umpires! As we all know the 2020 season was a wash for those same people and the seniors of 2020.

Fast forward 1-year later and we have baseball and softball again. My 1st game was 3/25/21 and the coaches were so happy to be playing baseball again. They haven’t been on a diamond for a live game in 2 years. Think about that… not be able to really do a job you love for 2 years! The coaches hung in there and yesterday proved that they still have the fire to coach the game and the players were just as excited!

I guess I was one of the lucky umpires because I started umpiring again in June 2020 with youth and adult baseball. The plate umpiring was actually done behind the pitchers mound for a few weeks. That position made it very interesting to call a game as seeing the lines down the baselines was a guess on a ball was hit down them. It basically was a guess. Behind the plate started after the 4th of July and it felt quite good to be back there.

Umpiring continued until October 2020 outside, then we went inside a dome from December 2020 to March 2021. The last dome tournament is this weekend and then all games will be outside.

Umpiring spring high school baseball and softball can be really interesting between the early game changes because schools may not have a JV or Freshman team, the weather can be chilly, the rain can wash out a game or 2 and of course fields with no lights can hinder a full game finish.

Regardless of all of that… it’s still fun to be getting outside and calling balls and strikes on the dish. Yesterday’s baseball game started out at 50 degrees, wind, sprinkles of rain, more wind and a temperature drop to 40 degrees in less than 2 hours. The best thing about the game was each batter started with a 1-1 count and each team batted 10 per inning. No score was kept. The game was only 4 innings. It was my first time umpiring a full out scrimmage game which was FUN for all.

If you like baseball or softball, I encourage you to take in a game or 2 of your favorite high school as they want to play, see fans cheering them on and enjoy some outside weather this spring.

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