HIRE A PROFESSIONAL… I SAY! Many people claim to be a “professional” in something that they can do for other people. I’m perfectly okay if that same person says, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that for you” instead of jimmy rigging the item or items you hired them to complete for you into a project that just doesn’t or won’t work or look nice at the end of the day! Let me explain “jimmy rigging” to those that may not understand those words. What does Jimmy rigging mean? It means: GET BY We use the term for when we want to “get by” with something but can’t fix or change the problem. For instance, and this is only a simple example, a lamp setting on a carpet can lean sometimes so we jimmy rig it – meaning we put something under the foot of the lamp to make it appear level.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL… Sometimes I’m a fool myself thinking I can fix something when realistically, I can’t. I even went as far as buying a new tube when I’m not a tire guy. Tubeless riding mower tire with a sidewall hole. Patched, new tube installed and all put back together in less than 15-minutes! More life lessons… they’ll never end! Tire guys do just that… fix tires!💥

I have an embroidery client that buys expensive jackets for their 5-year employees and for years they buy the same 3-in-1 jacket from me (jacket has a zip-in, zip-out liner) so the jacket and vest can be worn together in the winter or zip out the vest and wear either the vest alone or the jacket alone, thus the 3-in-1. I embroider the clients logo on both the vest and the jacket. About a month or so ago, they went bought a very expensive what I will call a pea coat for a 5-year employee. They bought the coat and gave it to me to embroider their logo on it. I didn’t look at the inside of the jacket until I got it back to our embroidery shop and it was at that time that my embroiderer and I decided we wouldn’t be able to embroider it. There was a sewn in liner and a huge vertical seam right where the logo needed to be be embroidered. My first thought was what can we do to get the logo on this jacket? We both determined, nothing! I took the jacket back to my client and told them I couldn’t embroider the jacket without the possibility of ruining the expensive jacket. I also thought that I might of lost this client because of this. Well, I didn’t and they are continuing to order apparel and hats from me. Just this week they ordered the same jacket that they have been buying for the employee (the 3-in-1 one). I thought the worst and that was I would lose the client, just because I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that for you.”

I struggle to think that I can do certain things in my life because I have the attitude of: “I’ll try anything once!” I found out I can’t apply sealer on my patio pavers. Thus, I’m hired a professional cleaning company to make it right!!! I’m going to stick to mowing my lawn and pulling the weeds around my house. The patio cleaning company owner said “I’m a professional in my work.”, so I trusted him that he would fix what I attempted to do. Well, they first applied the patio sealer 2-hours before it rained heavy and it wasn’t dry, therefore resulting in the entire patio pavers turning white. They came back out and removed the white film on top of the patio pavers and re-applied the sealer on a day that was warm and no sign ion any rain in the forecast. This time what they did ended up working good and the patio pavers sealed up nicely and when it does rain the water sits on top and beads up on the patio pavers like it should.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! Do something today that you might’ve been afraid to do yesterday. 

For sure, don’t ever be afraid to tell people, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that for you.”

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I recently got a text from someone who said “COVID FALLOUT” for not doing something in a timely fashion.

That comment has made it real easy for me to not do business with that person in the future. We all know this has been the thing since March 2020, but to actually use those words that’s just an excuse to not conduct your business practices in a manner that is acceptable by both parties is just that… AN EXCUSE!

I’m not the kind of guy who conducts what I do on a daily basis as an excuse blaming something else or someone else. If someone asks me to do something for them and I don’t do it or I do it wrong… There I said it: “I DO THINGS WRONG IN MY LIFE.” I’m clearly not that perfect person.

Waiting For That “Perfect” Pitch

As an umpire I quite often I hear a 3rd base coach on a 3 balls and 1 strike count and the pitcher is getting ready to throw the ball… it’s gotta be that perfect pitch before you swing now. Waiting for that “perfect” pitch often leads to strike 2 and ultimately strike 3! You’re Out! Instead of listening to the coach and waiting, Why not just get ready to swing at the next pitch? which often also leads to a hit of a single, double, triple or home run. While some batters are waiting for that “perfect” pitch, many others are hitting that next pitch somewhere into the green area!

In both baseball and life there is no thing as that “perfect” pitch or job! Taking action is so much more soothing for the mind, body, and the soul whether it’s hitting that next pitch or getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you have never done or even changing jobs to better yourself. 

If you wait for that “perfect” thing in life something else or someone else will make that decision for you. By not swinging at the next pitch the umpire has to make some kind of a call whether it be a ball or a strike. If it is a strike, you have a second chance to come out swinging. Second chances are wonderful. It gives you a new look and makes you ready for the next pitch or thing to happen in your life. 

I personally was never one to wait for that perfect job because I’m still trying to find it. I changed jobs many times in my life and my thought process was it is the next best thing for me. Changing jobs because it was the perfect job was not my reasoning. It was because I was stuck and had zero opportunities to go anywhere or make more money with the company I was with. I always thought that that next job was the one that would make me happier and more money. When in reality it was just a change of scenery. 

So, next time you have to order something for someone or do something for someone and it won’t be in when they expected it or you can’t get the job done soon enough for them… DON’T SAY, “COVID FALLOUT.” Be honest and tell them the truth.

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I’m the kind of the guy that helps people expecting nothing in return. Giving someone $1 because she didn’t have enough money to buy a taco at a food truck. Buying someone a coffee at the local coffee shop, just because. Mailing a girl an umpire coin from this summer’s NSA World Series because I told her I would if I got any that weekend and I did.

Recently I’ve been taken advantage by a guy who keeps assigning me baseball games to umpire and on the night before he takes me off the game for someone else. I finally decided that after 7 games, enough was enough. This was the best feeling ever… stop asking me to umpire any of your games!

It’s exactly like this: Your work boss calls you to give your new adjusted schedule for your next 7 days you have to report to work. However, the night before each of these days this same boss texts you and tells you that you don’t have to come to work the next day. The boss does this every night for the same 7 days they wanted you to work. You committed to them therefore, you couldn’t plan to work maybe somewhere else on those 7 days. So you just lost 7 days of work with no pay. 

Would you like it if someone kept doing that to you? I don’t think so…

Tonight was the night that I told the boss, please don’t ask me to come to work anymore. I need to give my time to someone who doesn’t keep treating me this way. 

Umpiring is one of my businesses. I keep committing to this one guy and saying no to other umpiring opportunities and then this guy takes me off games last minute. I can’t keep doing this! It’s time for me to move on!

By continuing to accept these assignments from this guy and then on the night before he tells me he doesn’t need me and then other people ask me to umpire that same day and I have to say no. I can’t keep saying no to other umpiring opportunities because of this guy!

I want to say “YES” to these people who ask me to umpire and then use me to umpire their games. Saying NO really isn’t in my DNA!

SO SAY “YES” more than you say “NO”… but it’s perfectly okay to stand up to your morals. Do what you think it right for YOU!

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Rick Gosser

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YES… I randomly call 3 people a day in my phone contacts “just to say HI!”

I’ve been doing this for many years. I just pick a letter in the alphabet and go to my contacts on my cell phone and choose a person to call. I say to myself, it’s been awhile since I’ve talk to so-and-so. When they answer, I say “HI ______  I’m just calling to say HI! That leads to many responses…

Hi, I’m doing good.

Hi, What are you selling?

Hi, How you doing?

Hi, How’s things going?

The challenge somedays is that a good number of people, just don’t answer their cell phones. If they answer, and believe me that seems odd to say, but lots of people don’t!

Be different, answer your phone!📱 

Back when people only had landlines, INSERT: A millennium: What’s a landline phone?  LOL  We just picked up the phone and said, “hello.” Now people seldom answer their cell phone. It’s called a cell phone because it’s probably on your body, right next to your body or near your body and people look at who is calling and then they choose to answer it or not. That’s just incredibly rude. Am I the only one that thinks that way? I am the most important person calling you right now when your phone rings, so answer it! I’m in the business of that unknown caller could be my next best client and wouldn’t that be wonderful. The old adage: I don’t recognize that number so I’m not a answering it… if you are my child and I’m calling you, my name is recognizable, so answer the phone when I call. 

So, beginning today…… DO SOMETHING!  Call random people in your contacts……………………… AND, answer your cell phone. You will amazed at some of the great conversations you can have with people


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There is way too much more in life than Covid19.

What a wonderful feeling this is: being grateful for life.

Grateful things in my my life:

My wife. Who is the hardest working woman that I know. What she does for her family and me can’t always be talked about with words. Just witnessing with my own 2 eyes as to what she does for people is heartbreaking. She does for others where others are not expecting something, I’ve seen her randomly give my girls and grandchildren something just to do it. She never expects anything in return. The kindness in her heart is just what she gives, She would do anything for anybody and the fanfare is not something that she publicly needs to announce to the world. I love her.


My 3 girls. Who when they were little would depend on me to get them to school and pick them up. Very seldom did they take a bus to school. It was just my thing to do that for them. My life job was always flexible enough that I could do that. If it wasn’t me then it was there grandfather, Ted. Who passed away a few years ago, I miss him. Now I see my  daughters married to their husbands and they all have 2 children and I see them all grown up and juggling work, daycare, being responsible Moms to their children and husbands and enjoying life through it all. I love them.


My 6 grandchidren, soon to be 7. Just the fact that we are so blessed to have them in our life is wonderful. There was a time when we didn’t see our oldest and only grandson because they lived 2 1/2 hours away, but now they are live in Northwest Indiana and close to us. When our first granddaughter was born I said I would watch her 3 days a week which has kept me young. Yes, I was changing diapers again at the young age of 56. As my girls starting having more children I kept saying that I would watch them. Making a long story short I’m watching 4 grandchildren 4-days a week. They all are able to call me Grandpa now. It doesn’t always actually sound like Grandpa, but I know that they are trying. All of them come running to me when I see them to call me Grandpa and give me a hug. That’s wonderful. I love them.


My Mom and Dad. Yes, my Mom is 88 and my Dad is 87. For the most part still healthy and living at home. AS few years ago my Mom broke her hip when she fell down and she was dependent on me. I flew to Florida in heartbeat to be there for her. My Dad even though my Mom says he can’t cook for himself quickly learned that I wasn’t there to cook for him but to be at the hospital for my Mom and see that she was transferred to a rehab center safely and that she had everything she needed, My Mom can be a PITA sometimes but I do love her and all of her shenanigans. Recently I spoke to her on the phone and she said some lady in her retirement park said my Mom was a negative person. My Mom said, “I don’t like her anyways.” I just laughed because at 88 years old there was nothing I could of said that was going to changer her mind. That’s just Mom. Dad was a man who worked for the same utility company his entire life. Yes, he only had 1 job his entire working career. That’s unheard of these days. He worked hard and played hard. When he retired at 55, they shortly thereafter moved to Florida to be near my grandfather and step-grandmother, who have both since passed. My Dad walked daily, played tennis and golf and was one of those coffee club guys. Now those days are gone. He has very few words to say on the phone but still seems happy when I do talk to him. I love them.


My job(s). I wouldn’t really say that I’m grateful for my job(s) because I really don’t have a job that I to report to every. I’m grateful for my flexibility. I own a business that doesn’t require me to be constantly marketing for. I’m just there when people need something. I’m in the decorated apparel business. I also do baseball and softball umpiring for high school, youth and adult men. It’s a trying career because I try to umpiring gigs all over Northwest Indiana. This past winter I even did some umpiring in some indoor domes. My last gig was 3 games one night with the first game starting at 9pm at night. I always do behind the dish (home plate), so that night was a triple-header with a hit the pillow at 1:30am. So I consider myself #halfretired I live a charmed life.


My friends/acquaintances. I wouldn’t say I really have any close friends. Not that guy that I hang out with and drink a few beers every week. Some people say I know everyone, when in reality, I know everyone that knows everyone. Think about that for a second. I see so many people doing an ISO on facebook and I used to respond to those but then at 8pm at night they are still researching who to use. I’m not saying who I suggested might of been the best or the worst, but if they would of called them there ISO would of been done. My best is the appliance fixer. I know a guy who owns a company that if you need an appliance fixed and you call his company before 10am, he comes the same day. He never fails me on that. I also work elections. I’ve been an Inspector for both the primary and general elections now for a few years. I have never done it for the pay, I do it to see people. Those people you see twice and year but yet when you talk to them it’s like we are long lost friends. I’ve always been a people person. Not afraid to talk to anyone about anything. It’s just the nature of my beast.


My hobbies. Some people think I should get a hobby. Actually, I have plenty of hobbies. I’m a cross-stitcher, a painter, a fisherman (although I have yet to catch any fish), I do my own landscaping, this year we planted a garden (out first time with this one), I write a blog that I started in 2011 after I lost 135# and flew to NY to be live on The NBC Today Show. I told my weight loss story worldwide and had my 5-minutes of fame on National TV.


My cancer. Yes, I was diagnosed with skin cancer in February 2020. I had a nickel size spot on my left shoulder that never healed. I had successful basal cell melanoma surgery on April 8, 2020. It has completely healed and my shoulder is back to normal. My sun days will be a little different now. My sun goddess days are over. Life is more important than having a sun colored body! For the people who want to get that vitamin D by being in the sun, just wear a hat, use lots and lots of sunscreen and never, ever go to a tanning bed. I encourage you to not sit around in the sun just to get some Vitamin D!


Very rarely do I watch the news on tv. It’s depressing for 20-minutes and then I go to bed. Everything is Breaking News. It’s easy to get caught up in that. But, it’s better for me to turn off the tv and cross-stitch or paint than to watch the news. Most of my news story I see are on social media.


Just like I said in the title of this blog… Being grateful for life. What a wonderful feeling!


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#NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit #NoExcuses

Rick Gosser

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April 7, 2020 @ 9:15 p.m.

My first exposure to a real sunburn was 41 years ago when I was on my honeymoon at the young age of 20. We went to DisneyWorld for the very first time and I laid in the sun for more hours than I really should of and spent that night with aloe vera as my bed partner. I was as red as a tomato. It was that sunburn of a doozy that I realized that I would spray my body excessively with sun screen feverishly and that would solve my sunburns forever.

I even got to the point that when I knew I was going on vacation to a warmer climate that I would go tanning to get some color prior to my plane landing to wherever I was headed.

I did that many years, even though my Dad had melanoma cancer on his face due to sitting in the sun and he has had many surgeries. He was always in the sun at work and then he sat in a lawn chair in front of the garage in the sun after work and on the weekends.

FAST FORWARD… to February 2019, I noticed an exposed skin mark on my left shoulder that would just never go away. My doctor said she would treat it with a cream and see if that heals it. Well after a year of waiting and hoping, it didn’t. I asked for a Dermotologist referral and she took a biopsy which a week later determined it was basal-cell carcinoma skin cancer. I scheduled my surgery that day which was back in February 2020. The first available appointment was April 8, 2020. I’m writing this on the evening of April 7, 2020 as my mind is racing with many thoughts and fears. I’m not one to accept fear, because I always say “FEAR NOTHING.” Just GO DO IT! Tomorrow, I might feel different about Fear!

I’m going under the knife in 12 1/2 hours to have Mohs Surgery. The cure rate is 97% to 99.8% for primary basal-cell carcinoma, which is what I have.

I will continue this blog after my surgery, until then… This is what I say to each and every one of my grandchildren when I see them and they go home, See Ya” Next Time!

(continued)… April 8, 2020 @ 10:13 a.m.

The first initial surgery took about 10 minutes and it was the size of a dime. They told me that the basal cell carcinoma that they cut out would be frozen and tested.  I should go wait in the car for the results to see if they have to cut anymore out. I got the call at 10:50 a.m. that they were ready for me. Dr. G. had to cut even more out and now the size of the cut was up to a nickel size round. More car waiting. 

April 8, 2020 / 12:35 p.m.

We got it all! No more cancer and 9-stitches in my arm! No heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks so that the stitches stay in and don’t pop out!

My days of sitting around in the sun are over.

As a man that is 60 years young, I highly recommend that people shouldn’t just sit in the sun or go to tanning beds. Skin cancer attacks 1 in 7 Americans each year.

This was a scary morning as I never ever thought I would have to have skin cancer surgery.


April 15, 2020 / One week post-op on my successful basal cell carcinoma skin cancer removal. My shoulder is starting to itch from the 9 stitches that I have, so I know it’s starting to heal. I’m changing the bandage every day like the doctor said. 


April 22, 2020 / All 9 stitches removed and the surgery was a SUCCESS!


During the night I ran right smack into a door jamb in the dark where my wound was and split it wide open. What a doofus! After cleaning up all the blood I put on my own steri-strips and hit the bed. Tossing and turning and worrying about the possibility of having more stitches put back in, I finally decided to get up. It was 5am. So, I made coffee, saw the sunrise…


and finished my painting…


April 23, 2020 / I went to the Dr. office at 9am when they opened. Both my nurse and Dr. said I did a good job self-mending myself with the steri-satrips. It’s gonna be a good day! No more stitches! I had successful basal cell carcinoma skin cancer surgery on a shoulder on April 8, 2020! 💥

My sun goddess days are over. Life is more important than having a sun colored body!

For the people who want to get that vitamin D by being in the sun, just wear a hat, use lots and lots of sunscreen and never, ever go to a tanning bed.

I encourage you to not sit around in the sun just to get some Vitamin D!

Wear a hat, long sleeve shirts and lots & lots of sun screen…………….


#NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit #NoExcuses

Rick Gosser

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Right Field Was Out!

Posted: April 21, 2020 in Uncategorized

I called a friend of mine this morning from my landline phone to his landline phone. I asked him how his day was going? He said this week has been better than last week. In the discussion, I mentioned I googled, “What Did We Do Before Social Media?” The answers were fun to read. What will it take to bring those things back in 2020 and into the future? I’ll get back to that answer later.

We discussed sandlot baseball when we were kids. We walked around our neighborhoods carrying a baseball, a mitt and a baseball bat knocking on doors… Can Timmy come out and play baseball? As we gathered up more kids to play walking around knocking on doors, the goal was to get 13 players so that 4 could bat and there were 9 fielders at all times. If we had less than 13, then right field was out! If the batter, hit the ball to right field it was an automatic out. Knowing that it turned us all into pull hitters. If you did it to right field, your were out. You would grab your mitt and go play a position. That position player became a batter and then the game would continue. You kept batting until you made an out.

Re-set your mind, body and soul and start all over again. Everyone had a favorite position in sandlot baseball. Mine was first base and catcher. I was a pudgy boy so being a catcher was a good place for me, very little running. All the fatter kids caught! lol  First base was just as good, very little moving. All I had to do was catch the ball from the stud infielders. We did’t carry around cell phones in our back pockets because when we hit the ball and ran we might have to slide. None of the kids wanted to make an out!

Life should be that way. Keep going until you get an out in your own mind!


Now, let’s talk about; What Did We Do Before Social Media?

Life Before Social Media.

People Actually Talked to One Another

Everything Didn’t Have to Be Photographed

We All Lived More In the Moment

You Didn’t Always Know Everyone’s Business

Life Wasn’t Such a Competition

Ignorance Was Bliss


I will take about these in future blogs, but for now think about those 6 things.

What can we all do to CHANGE and be like we were before social media?


#NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit #NoExcuses

Rick Gosser

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Nobody can open a social media page or turn on the TV without seeing, reading or hearing about the Covid19… that too will end soon! AND when it does… THEN WHAT?

My best days are not watching news on TV!

Now is the time to plan lots of “FUN” things to do:

Planning is the key to everyone’s success.  The month of March, April and May was already planned out for me months ago with umpiring either a High School Softball or Baseball game somewhere in Northwest Indiana every night and doubleheaders on Saturday’s That’s gone now. The season is cancelled. I’m not even sure if I’ll be umpiring  even any youth baseball/softball games this summer. I pursued a part-time job in the meantime and that is on hold for now.

We should of been in DisneyWorld in March  and in Dubai and Egypt in May 2020.

It’s so hard right now to even think about planning anything but it gives us all something better to think about.

We have planned more trips… it’s just something that makes us feel better about life. June in Nashville, Tennessee, August in Vero Beach, Florida, Sept/October in Germany, on the Danube River and ending up in Budapest, October in DisneyWorld, and New Years Eve back at DisneyWorld to experience the new year 2021 Fireworks!

Today it was 64 degrees outside so #Spring2020 is here for sure.

The house landscaping continues with shrub trimming and mulch spreading.

The house sprinkler system gets turned on April 14th!

The swimming pool gets opened on April 16th!

I ‘ve always been a person to spend the majority of my days outside doing things. The only difference right now in this world pandemic, I’m doing everything ALONE!


#NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit #NoExcuses

Rick Gosser

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Put the word “DO” before each set of words below.



… Slow down.

… Rise up.

… Control what you can.

… Love others first.

… Be responsible for you.

… What is right.

… Treat people how you want to be treated. 

… Live life. 

… Fear nothing.

… Anything… it’s all possible 

… Everything… it’s all possible.

… Let things go. 

… Positive.

… Love yourself.

… Remember your accomplishments.

… Kind to all.

… Life… It can change in the blink of an eye.

… Don’t judge yourself.

… Never control others.




#NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

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The world has become about people saying BE…. Kind, Positive, Happy, Nice, etc. It’s easy to say it, but to DO them is a whole different look on life.

It requires us all as a person to CHANGE……………

Time to think and do things differently. MAKE CHANGES. Change is for everyone! Stop talking about the changes you want to make and take action to accomplish them instead.

So many people want change, but they are afraid to begin make those changes. They fear the outcome. Stop complaining about stuff you can’t change. Worrying about something that may never happen is not healthy. The majority of those things never ever happen. Live life to the fullest and just appreciate all that you have. 

Do this stuff instead. 


Everything we do in life should be fun. Work should be fun in a different way than pleasure things. If you aren’t having fun at work, it’s time to make a change to a new job, company or career. Doing fun things in life like adventures should be done everyday. Time to turn off the tv and get off the couch. 



Start doing this instead of just saying it to everyone you know. Celebrities say: BE KIND. Take action and really show people how to be kind to each other. Look around as we all can do things everyday to be kind. It’s the small things in life that make big changes for people.



Many people need to do this more. Laughing is good for the heart and soul. Watching stand -up comedy is a great release of laughter. Go see IMPROV. 



This is hard for many. We all love many people, but saying you love them directly to them is sometimes hard. Change that in 2020 as life is too short. Love everyone and tell them that you love them. 



Some facts is that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown. So let’s all smile more. 



Happiness begins in the mirror. Be happy with yourself first. Being happy with you first leads to making other people happy. It rubs off. 



Just saying that word is hard for some people. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s not easy. It takes a commitment, dedication and the fact of doing it. 



Some people never go on a vacation. They say they don’t have money for that. We all work hard and deserve vacations. If you don’t plan them and book them somewhere, at the end of the year you will have never gone anywhere. Many vacations don’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s the point of taking time off from work. \



So many people want to be like someone else. Never, ever compare yourself to anyone else. JUST BE YOU. People will appreciate you more if you were honest with them directly. Some people say: Wow, you are pretty direct when talking to people. That’s the way I am. I say it like it is. Why be a fake. The TRUTH is the truth. 



So many people are addicted to their phones. Scrolling for nothing is consuming everyone. It’s seriously out of control. The World Population is 7,740,979,987

The World Mobile Connections is 9,327,053,848

Drop your phone and talk to a family member



You don’t have to do big things in life to be great. Doing small things in your own great way is great enough. You are enough!






DO… BE YOU! DO… INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

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