HIRE A PROFESSIONAL… I SAY! But, hey what do I know!

Posted: October 29, 2020 in Uncategorized

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL… I SAY! Many people claim to be a “professional” in something that they can do for other people. I’m perfectly okay if that same person says, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that for you” instead of jimmy rigging the item or items you hired them to complete for you into a project that just doesn’t or won’t work or look nice at the end of the day! Let me explain “jimmy rigging” to those that may not understand those words. What does Jimmy rigging mean? It means: GET BY We use the term for when we want to “get by” with something but can’t fix or change the problem. For instance, and this is only a simple example, a lamp setting on a carpet can lean sometimes so we jimmy rig it – meaning we put something under the foot of the lamp to make it appear level.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL… Sometimes I’m a fool myself thinking I can fix something when realistically, I can’t. I even went as far as buying a new tube when I’m not a tire guy. Tubeless riding mower tire with a sidewall hole. Patched, new tube installed and all put back together in less than 15-minutes! More life lessons… they’ll never end! Tire guys do just that… fix tires!💥

I have an embroidery client that buys expensive jackets for their 5-year employees and for years they buy the same 3-in-1 jacket from me (jacket has a zip-in, zip-out liner) so the jacket and vest can be worn together in the winter or zip out the vest and wear either the vest alone or the jacket alone, thus the 3-in-1. I embroider the clients logo on both the vest and the jacket. About a month or so ago, they went bought a very expensive what I will call a pea coat for a 5-year employee. They bought the coat and gave it to me to embroider their logo on it. I didn’t look at the inside of the jacket until I got it back to our embroidery shop and it was at that time that my embroiderer and I decided we wouldn’t be able to embroider it. There was a sewn in liner and a huge vertical seam right where the logo needed to be be embroidered. My first thought was what can we do to get the logo on this jacket? We both determined, nothing! I took the jacket back to my client and told them I couldn’t embroider the jacket without the possibility of ruining the expensive jacket. I also thought that I might of lost this client because of this. Well, I didn’t and they are continuing to order apparel and hats from me. Just this week they ordered the same jacket that they have been buying for the employee (the 3-in-1 one). I thought the worst and that was I would lose the client, just because I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that for you.”

I struggle to think that I can do certain things in my life because I have the attitude of: “I’ll try anything once!” I found out I can’t apply sealer on my patio pavers. Thus, I’m hired a professional cleaning company to make it right!!! I’m going to stick to mowing my lawn and pulling the weeds around my house. The patio cleaning company owner said “I’m a professional in my work.”, so I trusted him that he would fix what I attempted to do. Well, they first applied the patio sealer 2-hours before it rained heavy and it wasn’t dry, therefore resulting in the entire patio pavers turning white. They came back out and removed the white film on top of the patio pavers and re-applied the sealer on a day that was warm and no sign ion any rain in the forecast. This time what they did ended up working good and the patio pavers sealed up nicely and when it does rain the water sits on top and beads up on the patio pavers like it should.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself! Do something today that you might’ve been afraid to do yesterday. 

For sure, don’t ever be afraid to tell people, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that for you.”

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