YES, is the name of the game but it’s OKAY to say NO! Do what you think it right for YOU!

Posted: September 13, 2020 in Uncategorized

I’m the kind of the guy that helps people expecting nothing in return. Giving someone $1 because she didn’t have enough money to buy a taco at a food truck. Buying someone a coffee at the local coffee shop, just because. Mailing a girl an umpire coin from this summer’s NSA World Series because I told her I would if I got any that weekend and I did.

Recently I’ve been taken advantage by a guy who keeps assigning me baseball games to umpire and on the night before he takes me off the game for someone else. I finally decided that after 7 games, enough was enough. This was the best feeling ever… stop asking me to umpire any of your games!

It’s exactly like this: Your work boss calls you to give your new adjusted schedule for your next 7 days you have to report to work. However, the night before each of these days this same boss texts you and tells you that you don’t have to come to work the next day. The boss does this every night for the same 7 days they wanted you to work. You committed to them therefore, you couldn’t plan to work maybe somewhere else on those 7 days. So you just lost 7 days of work with no pay. 

Would you like it if someone kept doing that to you? I don’t think so…

Tonight was the night that I told the boss, please don’t ask me to come to work anymore. I need to give my time to someone who doesn’t keep treating me this way. 

Umpiring is one of my businesses. I keep committing to this one guy and saying no to other umpiring opportunities and then this guy takes me off games last minute. I can’t keep doing this! It’s time for me to move on!

By continuing to accept these assignments from this guy and then on the night before he tells me he doesn’t need me and then other people ask me to umpire that same day and I have to say no. I can’t keep saying no to other umpiring opportunities because of this guy!

I want to say “YES” to these people who ask me to umpire and then use me to umpire their games. Saying NO really isn’t in my DNA!

SO SAY “YES” more than you say “NO”… but it’s perfectly okay to stand up to your morals. Do what you think it right for YOU!

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Rick Gosser

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