Right Field Was Out!

Posted: April 21, 2020 in Uncategorized

I called a friend of mine this morning from my landline phone to his landline phone. I asked him how his day was going? He said this week has been better than last week. In the discussion, I mentioned I googled, “What Did We Do Before Social Media?” The answers were fun to read. What will it take to bring those things back in 2020 and into the future? I’ll get back to that answer later.

We discussed sandlot baseball when we were kids. We walked around our neighborhoods carrying a baseball, a mitt and a baseball bat knocking on doors… Can Timmy come out and play baseball? As we gathered up more kids to play walking around knocking on doors, the goal was to get 13 players so that 4 could bat and there were 9 fielders at all times. If we had less than 13, then right field was out! If the batter, hit the ball to right field it was an automatic out. Knowing that it turned us all into pull hitters. If you did it to right field, your were out. You would grab your mitt and go play a position. That position player became a batter and then the game would continue. You kept batting until you made an out.

Re-set your mind, body and soul and start all over again. Everyone had a favorite position in sandlot baseball. Mine was first base and catcher. I was a pudgy boy so being a catcher was a good place for me, very little running. All the fatter kids caught! lol  First base was just as good, very little moving. All I had to do was catch the ball from the stud infielders. We did’t carry around cell phones in our back pockets because when we hit the ball and ran we might have to slide. None of the kids wanted to make an out!

Life should be that way. Keep going until you get an out in your own mind!


Now, let’s talk about; What Did We Do Before Social Media?

Life Before Social Media.

People Actually Talked to One Another

Everything Didn’t Have to Be Photographed

We All Lived More In the Moment

You Didn’t Always Know Everyone’s Business

Life Wasn’t Such a Competition

Ignorance Was Bliss


I will take about these in future blogs, but for now think about those 6 things.

What can we all do to CHANGE and be like we were before social media?


#NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit #NoExcuses

Rick Gosser

talk or text  219-808-9888

email: gosserrick@sbcglobal.net

web:  Rick Gosser






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