We will begin our “FUN METERS” at an 11!… REAL SOON! PLAN THINGS!!!

Posted: April 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

Nobody can open a social media page or turn on the TV without seeing, reading or hearing about the Covid19… that too will end soon! AND when it does… THEN WHAT?

My best days are not watching news on TV!

Now is the time to plan lots of “FUN” things to do:

Planning is the key to everyone’s success.  The month of March, April and May was already planned out for me months ago with umpiring either a High School Softball or Baseball game somewhere in Northwest Indiana every night and doubleheaders on Saturday’s That’s gone now. The season is cancelled. I’m not even sure if I’ll be umpiring  even any youth baseball/softball games this summer. I pursued a part-time job in the meantime and that is on hold for now.

We should of been in DisneyWorld in March  and in Dubai and Egypt in May 2020.

It’s so hard right now to even think about planning anything but it gives us all something better to think about.

We have planned more trips… it’s just something that makes us feel better about life. June in Nashville, Tennessee, August in Vero Beach, Florida, Sept/October in Germany, on the Danube River and ending up in Budapest, October in DisneyWorld, and New Years Eve back at DisneyWorld to experience the new year 2021 Fireworks!

Today it was 64 degrees outside so #Spring2020 is here for sure.

The house landscaping continues with shrub trimming and mulch spreading.

The house sprinkler system gets turned on April 14th!

The swimming pool gets opened on April 16th!

I ‘ve always been a person to spend the majority of my days outside doing things. The only difference right now in this world pandemic, I’m doing everything ALONE!


#NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit #NoExcuses

Rick Gosser

talk or text  219-808-9888

email: gosserrick@sbcglobal.net

web:  Rick Gosser




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