LIFE is PRECIOUS! DO things…………..

Posted: March 15, 2020 in Uncategorized

LIFE is PRECIOUS!  We just have to take every day as it’s given to us.

Don’t sweat the small stuff! As people are self quarantining, life just has to go on!

Sporting seasons are cancelled, suspended or postponed and schools are going on extended spring breaks. Churches are not having services. Companies are shutting down and/or sending their workers home for a few weeks. This whole health thing will affect everyone on this earth in some way. 1/2 of my high school umpiring gigs are gone. No games, no pay. Those games will hopefully begin around April 24th. There is nothing that any of us can do to change what is happening in the world today!

Let’s get back to living our lives!  Get outside to take walks, hikes or runs to get fresh air and enjoy what God has given us all, the beauty of the things outside.

Plan ahead for things to do. We took it upon ourselves to rebook our DisneyWorld trip from March to October before they announced their closer! We took action without too much panic. When making vacation plans, here’s a reminder: REMEMBER TO BOOK!!! 1. Book your destination location, 2. Book an airline flight, 3. Book a hotel the night before if you have an early flight, 4. Book your pets boarding and 5. Especially book a car rental. I failed on the last thing in the past and had to drive a 12-passenger van for 2 of us around the mountains of Vermont! Plan ahead and remember all of 5 of my BOOKING ideas! Don’t be like me!

Enough is enough people. No more posts on how we all should wash our hands. I don’t need to watch a video in order to wash my hands! Come on ya’ll  #CommonSense

Feel free to text me, call me or email me anytime you need anything!

Rick Gosser  text/phone 219-808-9888  email:

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