DO POSITIVE instead of saying Be Positive.

Posted: January 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

DO POSITIVE instead of saying Be Positive. Just stop complaining and DO SOMETHING!

It gets tiring listening to people complain. It’s 2020, time to CHANGE YA’LL! Criticizing people and complaining needs to stop. I’m just as guilty as you all but life is too short and we shouldn’t spend our time complaining and criticizing people. It’s gonna be a life changing task. Let’s GO ALL IN!

Doing something to combat the complaining will only teach younger children that it’s better to do something about it rather than complain about it. Complainers are the problem. They are the ones that will just complain to be just complaining. I recently saw someone take pictures of broken glass on a bike trail in a tunnel and post them on Facebook and then proceeded to give the incorrect email address of the wrong park department where the tunnel is located! They expected them to clean it up! My post comment was: “No worries people. I will go clean it up today! 🧹🗑 Shit happens. Stop complaining and do something about it.” Some people suggested catching the person and have them clean up the glass with their tongue. That’s dumb! Others: 😡 😮 

Time is money. Making a rude comment takes time. By the time you do all of that you could of went and did something positive to remedy the situation. 

I went and cleaned up all of the glass… It took me 1-hour!

DO POSITIVE, instead of saying Be Positive.

Do something to pay it forward in your community today and everyday.

BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

talk or text  219-808-9888


web:  Rick Gosser

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