Solutions vs Resolutions! Why wait…

Posted: December 1, 2019 in Uncategorized

It’s that time of the year that people start thinking about what their New Year’s resolution might be. I on the other hand have always thought why wait until January 1st to start something new, especially a New Year’s Resolution.

What’s your body moving goal?

Yesterday, 11/30/19 I set my December Goals:  Solutions vs Resolutions!

I decided to exercise, work out 🏋️‍♂️, bike, walk, hike and/or swim everyday for at least one hour during the month of December. Upping my game! Moving hard for 60-minutes… Sometimes in life it seems easier to just quit; but be inspired not to give up.

This morning, 12/1/19  I did my official weigh-in (230.4#). I’m 30.4# over my ideal weight.

Many times I set my goals high to try and achieve them. Moving hard for 60-minutes a day for 31 days is my new solution plan.

12/1/19   Today was 30-minutes of working with weights, then a 1-mile walk , then I biked 1.5 miles which all ended up being a full 1:00 hour of moving. Then of course, a 15-minute soak in the 103 degrees whirlpool.

BE YOU! INSPIRE YOURSELF #NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #NeverQuit

Rick Gosser

talk or text   219-808-9888


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