Please. Thank you. You’re Welcome.

Posted: October 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

The three easiest words in the English vocabulary… Please. Thank you. You’re Welcome.

I’m always teaching my grandchildren to say these words. Please. Thank you. You’re Welcome. They may not know what they mean, but then again maybe they do. It’s just common courtesy to be nice to all people in general. “I want… I want… I want…” is the thing people say. If people just started out by saying “I want… Please.” Children say “I want a cookie” for example. Could I please have a cookie might get a better response. Yes, you may have a cookie since you asked so nicely. Once the cookie is given I always say: “what do you say?”… the response is usually “Thank you” which I reply, “You’re Welcome”. To those people saying “No problem” after “Thank you”, you are missing out on the last easiest word in the English vocabulary. It’s all about CHANGE. Change from “no problem” to “you’re welcome’. You will notice so many new behaviors from people that will make you smile.

Rick Gosser  219-808-9888


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