Running In The Zone Mood… Beat the Beast!

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If you are a runner you know that some days you got it, and some days you don’t. Today was an “I got it” day. It was the 2nd year running of the “Beast Boot Camp 5K” held in Crown Point, Indiana. I got up super early today and had a cup of coffee with the birds and dog on the back porch. I never drink coffee on a race day morning, but kinda was feeling good this morning. As I was doing some work in my office and kinda of catching up from a busy week, I thought today I’m gonna PR this race! Got dressed in my military camo shirt because it’s a boot camp run by the Marines. Just felt it was appropriate.


As I signed in, got my shirt and picked up a course map, somebody asked me if I make single printed shirts. I wasn’t even gonna talked any business, but had to answer the question. Why yes I do! I had a small twinge in my right knee so felt I had to go running to test it out. It felt perfect. So, perfect I ran the famous horse arena stairs 15 time sup and down as my final warm-up.

The 15-minute MARINE CORP workout was about to kill some people, but I knew what to expect and did that with no problem. I heard some people say “Can we quit now?” They must not of heard the MARINES, don’t quit.

Here’s my race summary: Run 1/4 mile to 100′ of Bear Crawls, run 1/8 mile to 100″ of Low Crawls, right into Crab Crawls, run 1/8 mile to 20 Burpees, run 1/4 mile to 100′ of walking lunges, run 1/8 mile to 75″ of Frog Leaps, run 1/2 mile to 25 Star Jumps right into adding a 30# backpack to your back and climb up/down every handrail in the grandstands, run 1/2 mile to the finish line, get a cup of water and go do it AGAIN. YES, AGAIN! Oh, and run between each station. A true beast does it twice with no questions asked. To many people that I know today that did it to mention and to congratulate that YOU DID IT!!! So, if you did it today, congrats… You are a beast!!!


I ran this thing all out today, because I was just in the zone. Finished “The Beast 5K” for a 2nd year and beat last year by 45-minutes. Proud to complete each task from start to finish and ran between each station. Pretty much a non-stop day. Pays to be better fit this year than last. Trying even harder to stay Fit For Life. To Beat The Beast one must complete each task (twice). Happy to have done that. HOORAH!!!

Rick Gosser

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