I’m a MARATHONER… on 10.13.13.

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Happiness is running my 1st marathon without collapsing, passing out or throwing up. And I finished. Met my 4 goals.

Thanks to The Wife and my girls for supporting me in the BIG DANCE today, 10.13.13. Her generosity and love has allowed me to run in lots of different places during this 18 weeks of training. I ran the woods of Brown County, IN; the wineries of Napa Valley, CA; the campus of Cal in Berkeley, CA; the bridges and around Fenway Park in Boston, MA and now the Chicago Marathon 26.2 miles.

I ran 425 miles during the 18 weeks of training. Why you might ask? Because I can and I did.





And now for my next BIG race: The 2014 Disney World 1/2 Marathon on 1.11.14.

See you on the road.

Rick Gosser

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