NEVER a fast runner. Willing to get better. HOOKED ON LIFE!

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I will never be a fast runner, but I’m always willing to try and get better. That’s feels weird to even say that statement. I did not start running until I was 50 years old. Yep, you heard me right… 50 years old on 1.1.10. So, if I can do it at that age, you can too. Why Jan 1st? I thought I was going to be hooked up to a C-PAP machine the rest of my life because I thought I had sleep apnea. When I was tested in Dec. 2009 for it, that was my initial thought because I weighed 310# and could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. It was scary to fall asleep at a red light, at a stop sign, in a restaurant, in an amusement park (well, not on a roller coaster), but on a bench waiting for my family. After years of that behavior, I thought it was time to get tested. the good news: NO SLEEP APNEA! the bad (hard) news: I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!


Now, 3 1/2 years later and 135# lighter, I am hooked on running. I never thought I would be, but that is how I live my life. Hooked on things. Some things I’ve been hooked on in my life: 6 years coaching Little League Baseball before I had my 3 girls. Some of those boys went on to play in college and 1 boy played for the Atlanta Braves. 12 years of being a volunteer fire fighter, (7 of those years as the President of the Volunteer Corporation). 15 years coaching my girls in softball and created & founded the South Lake County Girls Softball Crosstown League in 1998 (with 6 teams from Crown Point, Cedar Lake and St. John), and which still exists today in 2013 with 18 communities and over 75+ teams.

Many other things I’m sure I’ve been hooked on, and some I don’t want to remember… I may not be hooked on running, but I can say it is “My Passion”. It’s my passion because it is something that nobody can do for me, I have to do it all myself. It’s not how far you go, it’s just that you go. I’m glad that I decided to lose weight in 2010 and be around awhile for my daughter’s and some day my grandchildren.

I lost all of my weight with NO PILLS, NO POTIONS & NO SURGERIES. That’s all hogwash! There is no miracle pill, no miracle potion or no miracle surgery that can make you lose weight and get fit. It all starts with the mind.

Watch my video from my appearance on the NBC Today Show back in November 2010 when I was inducted into the Joy Bauer Fit Club because I had lost over 100# back then

Joy Bauer also put my story in her new book. A book about 30 people from around the country who all lost over 100# with those 3 magic words… NO: PILLS, POTIONS OR SURGERIES!

Need inspiration contact me anytime.



Rick Gosser

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