Weight loss continues with many changes in life. What a lifestyle change.

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September 1, 2011 was another great day in my life. I got my braces off after having them on for 19 months. Even after losing another 5# to get to my total weight loss of 130#, I had a few food items on my list that day. Peanut butter and jelly was my first sticky item, followed by 1/4# of triple chocolate malt balls from Albanese Candy. 2 items that I missed dearly while my teeth were being straightened. Now that I have satisfied those cravings, I am back to my food lifestyle change.

I also got my vision back to 20/20 in my right eye, 63 days after my detached retina surgery. My doctor said “you are one lucky guy” and I said “no, you are one good doctor”. Now I am backing to running and have run 2 races since August 28th (5K) and a 4 mile race last Sunday. This Sunday is 911 and I am running in the 911 Heroes Run. A race around the world with over 40 locations being run at the same time. 30 in the USA and 10 more around the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Italy, Persian Gulf, Qatar, United Kingdom.

I also started my training to run a 1/2 Marathon on November 13th. Today, as I look back on the last year, I can’t even believe that I did it. I’ve lost 130 pounds as of this week. This picture taken in March 2010 reminds me that I was overweight and fat at 310#.

In August 2010, my wife bought the book “Your Inner Skinny,” and her and my oldest daughter started the plan. Two weeks later, they suggested that I start the plan as well. That’s when everything really began for me. I weighed 270 pounds then, and by November 1st, I had lost another 65 pounds. My total weight loss was at 105 pounds. I posted my success on Joy Bauer’s Facebook fan page, and soon after, she contacted me about applying to become a member of the Joy Fit Club, an exclusive club of members that have lost over 100 pounds. New Joy Fit Club members are inducted on the NBC Today Show in New York. Soon after filling out the questionnaire, my application was accepted, and I appeared on the NBC Today Show on November 29th.

I am just your average hometown guy that was overweight and knew I needed to do something about it. I decided to go for it (with some help from my family), and now I’m sharing my story with other people who want to lose weight but are afraid to take that first step. Trust me, it’s never too late to become healthy.

Please know that I am always here to help. I want other people to achieve the same type of success that I have. I did it, and I know you can too! This is my picture of Joy Bauer and me after I had lost 105# in New York City on November 29, 2010.

Me in the “Green Room” of the NBC Today Show after my National TV appearance.


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