Change the course of your life by taking charge of your health.

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This is this year to change your life and take charge of your health. NBC news recently reported that nearly 70% of adults in this country are overweight. One in three is obese. About half that many kids and teens are considered obese.

Let’s all try to reduce that percentage.

How to start:
1. Mentally change your mind that you want to lose weight and get in shape.
2. Start walking today. One time around the block, turns into more and more.
3. Start eating less when it comes to consumption.
4. Join a group that motivates you to change your eating plan.
5. Ask someone else to be a mentor for each other.
6. Join a walking group or running group.
7. Plan your exercise.
8. If you change your mind and do the above, it’s amazing the results you will begin to see.

My motto: If YOU are not moving, YOU are not losing… If YOU say YOU can’t, YOU won’t… I know believe ME!

My point is if YOU say YOU can’t, YOU won’t, and that has to do with everything in life. Do some kind of exercise everyday and keep moving. If YOU are moving, YOU are losing something. At the end of the day, YOU will feel better that YOU accomplished something today, that YOU didn’t do yesterday. The thing about it is, YOU have to do it everyday.

If “I can do it, anybody can do it”.

Never say “NO” to anything YOU want to accomplish in life. Just go for it!

Watch my video from my appearance on the NBC Today Show back in November 2010 when I was inducted into the Joy Bauer Fit Club for losing over 100#. SeeVideo

Rick Gosser

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